Santorini Bridal Bouquets

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Santorini Bridal Bouquets

The cost for wedding flowers in Santorini is depends what’s most important to you as far as wedding decor is concerned. There are so many difrients bridal bouquets that you can choose for your wedding day is Santorini and all of them have different prices as Red Roses Calla Lilies & Rhinestones Bridal Bouquet Real Touch Deep Red Callas Red Roses – Red Black Wedding Bouquet Boutonniere.

Santorini florist works with an extensive network of pro desigh flower makers for Bride’s Bouquets helping travelers to hire the best flowers in Santorini island, without the hassle. You are booking a local Florist designers for your wedding event. Book with us with knowledge of Santorini wedding decoration, bridal bouquets with roses, lilis and more. We have been offering flowers in Santorini for the past 5 years!

Santorini Bridal BouquetsBelow we have some samples of bridal wedding flowers cost. White Roses, Red Roses for bridal Bouquet and decoration are usualy cost less money from other flowers

  • Ceremony flowers: 300 €
  • My Bouquet: 95 €
  • Bridesmaids: 35€ /each (6)= 210 €
  • Groomsmen and Father Boutonnieres: 10 €/each (9)= 90 €
  • Mother/Grandma Corsages: 25 €/each (4)= 100 €
  • Reception flowers and vases: 430 € (I had 10 tables)
  • Entryway arrangement: 140 €
  • Outside flowers (for cocktail area): 60 €
  • Place-card holder (roses and moss flowerbed): 150 €

While I’ve seen brides spend as little as 200  €on their wedding flowers and as much as $20,000, the cost will vary depending on your taste and the number of flowers you’ll need. To give you a better idea of what you can expect to spend, the average cost by type of wedding arrangement is below:

  • Bridal Bouquets : 100€ -150/each
  • Bridesmaids Bouquets : €50-90/each
  • Flower girl petals : €30-60
  • Corsages : €15-20/each
  • Boutonnieres : €10-15/each
  • Altar Arrangements : €50-150/each
  • Place Setting : €10-30/each
  • Head Table Centerpieces: €75-150/each
  • Guest Table Centerpieces: €30-100/each
  • Cake Flowers: €25-100

NOTE: These prices can increase drastically based on what’s in season and type of flower used. For example, I’ve seen bridal bouquets cost more than $400, so only use these prices as an average. 

How to Save:

  • If using a florist, the cost of a consultation, delivery, and set-up is typically included, so you’ve got that going for you! Tell your florist how much you want to spend, and see what your options are.
  • See if any of your ceremony flowers can be re-used during your reception. For example, we used the bridal/bridesmaids bouquets on two of the family tables.
  • Buy in season! Check out my guide to wedding flowers by season.
  • If DIY’ing it, go through a wholesaler such as Fifty Flowers or Cost. You’d be surprised at the great deals they have.
  • Spend more money on your reception/ceremony flowers vs. the bouquets. People will literally see them for 5 minutes!
  • Use more candles and less flowers. If your wedding is at night, the candles will have more impact than the flowers, anyway.
  • Use flowers with bigger blooms (such as hydrangeas) to fill out a vase. Alternatively, you can cluster together less expensive flowers such as carnations and baby’s breath for an inexpensive yet full arrangement.









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